Lake Above the Ocean

Also known as the ‘Lake Above the Ocean’, you can’t visit the Faroe Islands without hiking here. Once you pay the hiking fee to cross a farmer’s property, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view of a vast lake literally sitting above the ocean—with extraordinary cliffs and ocean views around.

Lake Sørvágsvatn: A Faroese Marvel

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of the Faroe Islands, Lake Sørvágsvatn, also known as Leitisvatn, stands as a natural masterpiece, earning its reputation as "the lake above the ocean." As the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, Sørvágsvatn is not only a geographical wonder but a testament to the stunning beauty that defines this archipelago.

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Geographical Overview:

Sørvágsvatn is situated on the island of Vágar, showcasing its grandeur near the charming village of Bøur. What sets this lake apart is its unique position atop the sea cliffs, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion that gives the impression of a lake defying gravity and hovering above the mighty Atlantic Ocean.

Size and Depth:

As the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, Sørvágsvatn spans an impressive area, providing a serene contrast to the dramatic coastal scenery. The lake's depth adds to its allure, with some parts reaching depths of over 30 meters. Its clear waters reflect the ever-changing Faroese skies, creating a dynamic and enchanting visual experience.

The Optical Illusion:

The fame of Sørvágsvatn is largely attributed to the optical illusion it presents when viewed from specific vantage points along the sea cliffs. The strategic positioning of the lake relative to the cliffs creates the illusion that the lake is elevated above the ocean. This captivating phenomenon has become a focal point for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and travelers seeking a unique perspective on the Faroe Islands' natural beauty.

Hiking Trails and Access:

Exploring Lake Sørvágsvatn is not only a visual treat but also an opportunity for outdoor adventure. Hiking trails surround the lake, offering panoramic views and a closer look at the fascinating landscape. Visitors can embark on a journey that takes them through heather-covered hillsides and unveils the breathtaking vista of the lake seemingly perched high above the Atlantic.

Cultural Significance:

Beyond its natural allure, Sørvágsvatn holds cultural significance in Faroese folklore. The lake is said to be home to the Huldufólk, or hidden people, mythical beings deeply ingrained in Faroese traditions. This adds an element of mystique to the already enchanting surroundings.

Lake Sørvágsvatn, with its awe-inspiring optical illusion and natural grandeur, stands as a symbol of the Faroe Islands' unique charm. As visitors traverse the hiking trails or gaze upon the lake from the sea cliffs, they are treated to a visual spectacle that transcends the ordinary. Sørvágsvatn, the "lake above the ocean," is not just a geographical marvel; it's a testament to the extraordinary beauty that defines the Faroe Islands, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to witness its splendor.